Frequently Asked Questions

Does getting a regular trim help my hair grow?
Hair grows on average of ¾ of an inch a month. Hair grows slower in the winter time and faster in the summer time. Regular trims help keep hair that is growing from breaking and splitting, resulting in longer locks. Damaged ends break off and make it appear as hair isn’t growing. One thing to keep in mind, everyone has a predetermined hair growth cycle. If your cycle is short, no matter how delicately you treat your hair it will still take longer than others.
Why does my hair pull orange/yellow tones when highlighting? Is this avoidable?
Bleaching hair blonde often involves drastic color change. Coloring your hair blonde does not often involve color, but rather a color removing agent removing the hair’s natural pigment. In the transition, your hair’s natural color will now turn red and yellow stages. The orange color is an intermediate color during the transition stage. Applying a toner to tone out warm tones is what gives the “cool blondes” their look as well as your “warm blondes” the honey caramel look. In some cases, a shampoo such as silver shampoo will do the trick to keep those blondes shiny all the time! Turning brassy, yellow is NOT avoidable as this is a step in being blonde. However you can tone those brassy colors out, giving you the achieved color you are looking for every time.
Should I wash my hair every day?
Hair should be washed on average of 3 times a week. The natural oils in your hair may have you washing daily, but the good news is that there are products to help such as, dry shampoo. Hair is fiber and just like fibers, the more you wash it, the worse it will look. Daily shampooing is only necessary if oil production on the scalp is high. Hair naturally cleans itself with the oils. Over washing can result in dry, damaged hair. Shampoo removes oil and excess skin cells from the scalp doing no favors for the hair.
Why do some spray tans make people look like they rolled in orange Doritos?
Unnatural orange tones are usually the result of either too high of a concentration of DHA in the tanning formula or over-application of a properly concentrated formula. Other companies generally only offer one color and their formulas often contain DHA levels that are too high to deliver a natural looking tan. You can also end up looking orange by using automated spray booths and at-home tanning lotions if you are not careful.
How many inches do I need to have to donate to pantene beautiful lengths?
8 inches
Can I get x hair colored when I'm pregnant?
We have girls that get their hair colored while pregnant all the time…but its best to talk it over with your doctor.
Do I really need to buy professional shampoo/conditioner for my color treated hair?
Professional shampoo and condtioner for color treated hair helps to keep you hair color last longer and stay more vibrant betweeen color appointments.
Why does my hair go flat after I curl it?
When curling your hair make sure you are taking small sections and sprayng each section with hairspray, also using hair products such as gel/mousse before you blowdry will help keep the curl last longer.
How do I deal with staticky hair?
During the winter months everyone complains about static…its the dry air! Rub a dryer sheet on your combs/brushes the collar of your winter coat or anything else that might make your hair staticky…hairspray also helps…

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