Come relax and enjoy yourself. We want you to look and feel your best whether it’s for a wedding, vacation, or just everyday life. You’ll find the freshest lamps, best prices, awesome service, the finest products, and a friendly & knowledgeable staff – all here to insure your best tanning experience ever! We offer 3 lay down tanning beds that have 20 minute timers.  Our tanning beds and rooms are fresh and clean at all times, are air conditioned and include fans for extra comfort. The atmosphere at Kate’s is comfortable and fun. We know our clients by name and do our best to maximize their tanning experience. Goggles are provided to each client and are highly recommended for eye protection. We have Tattoo stickers that are available free of charge and professional tanning lotion are available for purchase. Give our tanning salon a try. You will find it hard to beat the personal atmosphere and affordable prices.

Tanning Sessions do expire after 6 months. No Appointment necessary. All tanning pricing includes the 10% tanning tax in which the federal government has infringed upon salon owners.

Sunless Tanning by Fantasy Tan – Spray on Tanning
The Cadillac of the spray tan systems. If you’ve watched ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, then you’ve already seen the amazing Fantasy Tan results! As a matter of fact, entertainers around the globe turn to Fantasy Tan for the rich, perfect-looking, safe tan.

Fantasy Tan is a custom hand air-brushed tan for the most realistic looking sunless tan. Because no two bodies are alike, our experienced Technician will choose the precise color application to any match any skin tone that will create a healthy, natural-looking glow that you will enjoy for up to a week.


This product provides superior results without streaking and lasts longer than other brands. Fantasy Tan lasts for seven to ten days. The beauty of Fantasy Tan is that you can have that sun bathed look without ever exposing yourself to the UV rays of the sun or tanning beds. This form of tanning is ideal for anyone attending a major event, such as a fitness competition, beauty pageant, or wedding day.

Ask our front desk staff on how to prepare and maintain your tan when you schedule your appointment.

*Please note: Our Spray tan formulas contain tree nuts

For a Healthy Tan
For the Healthiest Tan,

Start With the Healthiest Skin

Pre-Tanning Requirements:

SHOWER and EXFOLIATE your skin the night before. This promotes an even coverage and lengthens the duration of your tan by removing dead skin that would otherwise flake off. Do not injure skin by overdoing it. Do not apply any products to your skin such as moisturizers, deodorant, make-up, perfume, etc. (This step is very important to obtain a longer lasting tan.)

WAX a minimum of 24 hours before your tanning appointment.

SHAVE either 8 hours before your tan or after your post tanning shower. Use a sharp, clean razor, with a lubricating product (such as hair conditioner, which should be rinsed off)

REMOVE OR AVOID WEARING MAKEUP, MOISTURIZERS AND DEODORANT, as this acts as a barrier to the spray and stops the process from working properly.

WEAR DARK, LOOSE FITTING CLOTHING AND UNDERGARMENTS to your tanning appointment. Do not wear long boots, as they can affect the evenness of the tan, due to sweating. Flip Flops or sandals are best.

BRING with you to your appointment; a brief dark colored bathing suit or underwear to wear during your appointment. Alternatively, most salons offer disposable underwear. Fantasy tan washes out of most clothing very easily but tends to stain Nylon and Lycra material.


NOTE: It is normal for some residual bronzer to rinse off during this first shower leaving a lighter tan than when first applied, however the color will continue to develop over the next few hours.

Post Tanning Requirements

AVOID sitting on light fabric/leather seats immediately after the session.

WEAR loose clothing for at least 6 hours.

WAIT at least 16 – 24 hours before showering or shaving. It is most important that this first shower is QUICK – just a quick rinse for no more than 30 seconds (no washing of hair, etc). It is also recommended that you do not to use bar soaps or exfoliation scrubs during the first ten days. After showering, pat your skin dry with your towel rather than rub so as not to prematurely fade the tan.

WAIT at least 2 hours to wash your hands and at least 8 – 12 hours before washing the tanning formula off.

DO NOT apply moisturizer until after the post-tanning shower so you don’t smear or streak the tan.

AVOID excess sweating and swimming the first day of the application to allow it to “take.” On an ongoing basis, excessive sweating, swimming or over-washing will speed up the fading process.

AVOID waxing – preferably until the tan has disappeared.

How to Maintain your Fantasy Tan

APPLY MOISTURIZER the morning and evening after your post-tan shower. Avoid moisturizers with AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) because they promote exfoliation. (It is recommended to apply Fantasy Tan Tan Extender lotion daily to maintain the tan and extend its longevity.)

AVOID LONG, HOT SHOWERS, BATHS AND JACUZZIS and scrubbing the skin. If you use a wash cloth when bathing, choose one that is as soft as possible. Pat your skin dry after bathing or showering. Excessive friction on the skin may fade your tan prematurely.

CHLORINE in swimming pools and hot tubs can remove or shorten the longevity of your tan. Minimize the time spent swimming.

TAKE CARE WHEN EXERCISING, as friction and excess sweat may cause your tan to fade prematurely or unevenly.

Q: Can I Use Fantasy Tan If I’m Pregnant?
A: There are no known side effects from the application of Fantasy Tan. As a precaution, if you are pregnant, you should always consult with your physician or other qualified health care provider before receiving a spray tan or any beauty or skin care application.

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